Samsung 55" and 75" 3D TV Rental

Hamilton Rentals have one of the largest fleets of AV equipment in the UK and are constantly investing in the latest technology ensuring it stays up to date.

Samsung Screen Rental

Samsung 55" 3D HD LED TV

Included is the Samsung 55? 3D HD LED TV. Perfectly designed for any event, it adds another dimension to your rental with 3D technology. As an extra it comes with a compatible desk stand and speakers.

Renting the 55" Samsung TV allows you to:

  • Wow any audience with its pristine resolution and HD display.
  • Have a stress free experience as it is easily installed and de-installed at the end of your event.
  • Try before you buy and guarantee satisfaction by renting first.
  • Immerse your audience in your event using 3D glasses and media
  • Stream media with smart wireless technology

Samsung 75" 3D Smart LED TV

Samsung Screen Hire

Hamilton Rentals also offer the Samsung 75" 3D Smart LED TV, if a bigger screen is what you're looking for. It showcases the latest Samsung Smart and 3D technology ensuring it will stand out at your event.

Renting the 75" Samsung TV allows you to:

  • Make an impact at your event with its Smart features and 3D display.
  • Capture the attention of the crowd an draw in a large audience with the 75 inch display.
  • Evaluate and try before you buy and guarantee satisfaction.

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