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Cybersecurity Accredited IT Rental

Safeguard your data and protect the security of your business with Hamilton Rentals.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, mitigating risk from common cyber threats is of paramount importance to the customers we support.

Our adherence to the UK government backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme is a testament to our commitment to adhering to industry recognised security protocols and protecting customers against potential risks.

As a Cyber Essentials certified company we ensure that our IT rental fleet is maintained to the latest stringent technical security standards and that all security policies and procedures are applied to every item of equipment we configure, ship and install.

With Hamilton Rentals, you are assured that we will:

  • Undertake the secure configuration of all servers, laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices.
  • Initiate required user access controls to ensure all systems are fully secure and prevent the misuse of privileged accounts.
  • Maintain all equipment to the latest software version.
  • Apply malware, virus and any other protection software in conjunction with your IT teams.
  • Provide base level of protection where devices/organisations connect to the internet.
  • Provide advice and technical guidance to customers on how best to assure an effective level of protection against a wide array of common cyber threats.

Offering peace of mind to clients

Dedicated to providing assurance for a diverse range of client organisations, especially those that handle sensitive or personal data, we take every step necessary to fortify the overall integrity and security of their operations.

Alongside Cyber Essentials, our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications further exemplify this commitment. Collectively, this makes us one of the few UK rental organisations able to uphold the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s security measures and best practices in information security.

With Hamilton Rentals you gain:

  • A supplier partner who is trustworthy and certified to a robust security standard.
  • Secure IT that is ideal for a variety of operational environments – including financial institutions, healthcare providers, educational establishments and government bodies.
  • A provider that can ensure all IT assets you rent adhere to required data security and protection standards – desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, routers, firewalls and more.
  • A provider that has expert working knowledge of all recognised cybersecurity frameworks and stays abreast of the latest cybersecurity best practices to ensure an enhanced level of protection.


Here at Hamilton Rentals, we work with some extraordinary clients and believe it is vitally important that we demonstrate our credentials as a trustworthy and secure service provider. When it comes to cyber security, the diligence of our people, our processes and our protocols are exemplary and are independently audited by the National Cyber Security Centre’s certification partner.

As one of the few Cyber Essentials accredited rental firms in the UK, we take the security of your business and your people seriously.

Why work with Hamilton Rentals

server migration USP-Imagescale


Offering an extensive fleet of IT and AV we are used to providing hundreds of laptops, tablets and screens to elections, press launches and party conferences.

It rental partner IT support


Ensuring the reliability of your rental we can provide comprehensive telephone and onsite support.

usp strategy USP-Imageacredited


Offering peace of mind, we are fully ISO accredited for security, sustainability and quality. And hold additional certification for cyber security, data wiping and IT asset disposal.

fast It rental fast delivery


We provide fast access to stock, which can be pre-built and shipped within 48 hours direct to users.