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Digital Display Rental for Air France-KLM Call Centres

Information sharing initiative enhances collaboration and communications within UK contact centre operations

Hamilton Rentals helps Air France-KLM  implement multi-purpose information display screens that make it easy to present and share business critical information.



Sharing time critical information, fast
One of Europe’s largest passenger airline groups, last year Air France-KLM carried more than 100 million passengers to destinations around the globe.

Based in Wembley, London, the group’s European Sales and Service Centre (ESSC) handles thousands of customer enquiries each day – everything from requests for information, reservations and changes to bookings, to dealing with complaints, compensation claims and lost-luggage declarations.

Keeping call handlers updated on real-time performance stats and daily news and events is no easy task. With some 200 personnel working in the centre at any one time, ensuring everyone can easily see time-critical operational information-like how many callers are waiting on-line – is vital.

What’s more, demand from business users for large easy-to-use split display screens in meeting rooms was also escalating. With multi-media conference calls becoming the norm, teams wanted the ability to visually share information with internal and external teams during training or collaborative project sessions.

“We needed to implement high quality large display screens across our business operations in a way that would protect us from the risks of depreciation or technology obsolescence,” explains James Revell, General Manager, Air France-KLM ESSC.

The Requirement

Finding the right digital displays
Keeping agents up to date with information that enables them to perform to the best of their abilities is a top priority for today’s busy call centres.

“We took the decision to move away from e-mail in a bid to make it easier for our operatives to instantly consume information that’s most relevant to them at that moment,” explains James.

“Placing large digital display screens across the call centre would enable us to instantly share key performance information, as well as messages that reinforce a feeling of community for our workforce – everything from welcoming new joiners, to promoting dress-down days or charity activities during events like Red Nose Day,” he continues.

To ensure the new communications strategy was a flyer, James had to be sure the display screens selected could cope with any ambient light condition, were viewable from any angle, and delivered high fidelity graphics that can be read with just one glance.

The other challenge was selecting large multi-purpose display screens for the division’s meeting rooms. Supporting the needs of business users undertaking presentations and group video conference calls, the solution needed to be easy to use with intuitive controls. Again, displays needed to work well in a variety of lighting conditions and support the display of any type of content.

“We needed expert help with everything from how and where displays were mounted, to the best technology to address a multitude of very different needs,” says James. “Aside from pragmatic considerations, we also wanted to ensure we enabled a risk-free strategy that limited our long term cost exposure.”

The Solution

Achieving lift off with a long-term rental agreement
To get his new digital communications strategy airborne fast, James called on Hamilton Rentals to help select the right technology for all his varied needs.

“Hamilton’s opened my eyes to capabilities I hadn’t even considered – like screen mirroring and wireless connectivity – that would significantly extend the ways in which display screens could be utilised by users,” he explained.

After evaluating a long list of requirements, Hamilton Rentals was able to recommend the ideal 40” digital display screen for deployment across the contact centre and meeting rooms.

“Pretty early on in our discussions it became clear that acquiring the technology we needed on a long term 12-month rental represented the ideal way forward. As well as getting us up and running fast, renting offered us a transparent way to contain costs,” he continues.

Giving the Air France-KLM division the flexibility it needed to ensure its communications strategy didn’t get stuck in first-gear, renting from Hamilton’s meant that should screens get damaged or fail they would be instantly replaced or repaired. There was no need to worry about additional support or on-site engineering costs – everything was included in the rental price.

The Outcome

A real-world solution
Hamilton Rentals undertook the installation of the new displays across the business. In the contact centre, screens were positioned on two-metre poles and angled to assure maximum viewing coverage.

“Feedback from our staff has been extremely positive and we are now using software that allows us to pop up urgent messages or flash information to the displays to ensure everyone can instantly access up-to-the-minute news in a highly accessible manner,” confirms James.

Deploying displays with wireless screen-mirroring technology also means that meeting room users can now project information from just about any device or platform. Which makes it simple and easy to display presentations and other relevant content to colleagues and partners.

“With no in-house AV team to support me, I was effectively ‘shopping blind’ until I talked to Hamilton Rentals. They were able to guide me to the most appropriate options for my needs, ensuring I avoided any compatibility issues and taking care of every aspect of the technology installation,” explains James.


Why Hamilton Rentals

For James Revell, there are numerous advantages to be gained from sourcing the technology he needs via a long-term rental agreement from Hamilton Rentals.

“It’s a complete service that incorporates solution consultancy and design, installation, and ongoing support in a single and transparent payment structure that has no hidden or unexpected costs. At the end of the 12-month agreement, we’re free to decide whether or not to upgrade to a next-generation solution or simply refresh the look and feel of the technology we’re using.”

“Either way, the agreement with Hamilton Rentals means we’re not at risk of our technology investments becoming obsolete or depreciating in value. And, because we’ve not committed to a major capital outlay, there are no constraints should we decide to evolve our display communications strategy. To put it simply, it’s an approach that affords us maximum flexibility and enables us to take advantage of new technology advances quickly and easily,” he concludes.