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Sustainable Computing

Refurbish and upgrade your existing IT fleet sustainably and save money. Rent equipment as a temporary measure of ensuring business disruption is minimised – for a day, a month or a year.

Enterprises today are working to reduce their carbon footprint in order to meet society’s sustainability goals, as well as complying with environmental legislation.  Procuring new hardware is often counter-productive to these initiatives.

Hamilton Rentals is working with businesses to help extend the life of IT assets, without compromising on service levels, device performance and security.

Sustainable IT with Hamilton Rentals

Our Service Includes:

  • Assess - We work with businesses to provide a free assessment of IT estates and help to scope the extent of IT refresh projects.
  • IT Rental - Laptops or tablets can be shipped to site or directly to your remote workforce, pre-built with your image and ready to plug and play, ensuring your end users have uninterrupted access to your systems.
  • Collection - Existing hardware is securely collected.
  • Evaluation - Items conditions are graded and triaged in our secure facilities by qualified engineers.
  • Secure data erasure - Devices are fully data sanitised with Blancco software.
  • Cleaned and Refurbished - Faulty parts are replaced and the memory and storage upgraded where required
  • OS and Software - We can upgrade to the latest version of your desired OS and preload your company software build to ensure the device is open box ready to use.
  • Delivery - We can ship your refurbished devices back to site or directly to your remote workers.
  • Recycle and Disposal - Any IT assets beyond repair are data wiped and recycled. We provide a full audit trail and certificates of destruction.

Upgrade your existing IT fleet sustainably and save money

circular computing

Why Use Hamilton Rentals

USP globe connect Sustainable IT rental

Drive Sustainability

Utilise rent refurb & return, to upgrade your existing fleet or make a donation of your redundant technology.

Secure IT Rental usp secure IT


We data wipe to a MOD standard ensuring your refurbished hardware is safe to donate or redistribute across your organisation.

IT rental for production cost

Reduce cost

Extend the life span of your existing IT and sweat your assets whilst deferring purchase.

server migration fast IT delivery

Ensure system availability

Utilising rental equipment as a stop gap during the refurbishment of your existing IT fleet.