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Driving Sustainability Goals with IT Rental

Today’s IT teams have a crucial role to play in helping organisations advance their sustainability goals and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

From user devices to data centres and networks, the technology that powers how work gets done comes with a significantly high carbon footprint. Plus, organisations are under pressure to reduce the volume of e-waste they generate.

To address this challenge, a growing number of IT leaders are adopting a ‘frugality’ mindset when it comes to their IT estate and rethinking how they acquire IT resources.

Rather than opting for traditional IT procurement, they are taking advantage of IT rental to drive their sustainability agenda ahead.

By renting everything from end user devices to larger infrastructure items like servers and storage arrays they can achieve some significant gains. These include:

  • Unlocking energy efficiency - taking advantage of the most energy and power efficient technologies available on the market today.
  • Resource conservation - by prioritising rental rather than purchase for short or minimum term needs, organisations can minimise their contribution to landfill by returning items for redistribution and reutilisation.
  • Minimising waste - renting on demand eliminates the risk of purchasing assets that may become obsolete or underutilised over time. IT teams can address changing business and technology needs quickly and efficiently without having to manage issues like equipment upgrades, replacement or end of life asset management.
  • More effective and sustainable asset management - organisations purchase fewer physical assets, can deploy resources more effective while reducing CAPEX and contributing to the circular economy.
  • Reducing technical debt - removing the risk of outdated or legacy hardware limiting the agility of the organisation or hampering the productivity of users.

When it comes to powering ahead with a sustainable IT rental strategy, Hamilton Rentals can help.

Designed with the needs of today’s businesses in mind, we offer:

  • An extensive fleet of IT and AV equipment for hire and instantly available, with same day and overnight delivery direct to wherever your users are located.
  • Equipment preconfigured to your exact specification and preloaded with your company’s software build if required. Every item is pre-tested prior to shipment.
  • Cyber Essential security controls applied to all networked devices.
  • Qualified engineers who can undertake installation and support on request.
  • Flexible rental terms means you can hire from one day to three years, with options to purchase, extend or return your rental early.
  • Certified data wipe of all equipment at end of rental term, ensuring full compliance with security and data privacy regulations.

Hamilton Rentals helps organisations leverage dynamic IT rental options that make it possible to optimise resource utilisation and minimise waste.

Why work with Hamilton Rentals

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Offering an extensive fleet of IT and AV we are used to providing hundreds of laptops, tablets and screens to many major events.

Secure IT Rental usp secure IT


Offering peace of mind, we are fully ISO accredited for security, sustainability and quality. And hold additional certification for cyber security, data wiping and IT asset disposal.

It rental partner IT support


Ensuring the reliability of your rental we can provide comprehensive telephone and onsite support.

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IT Recycling

Working with our parent company Bell Integration we provide secure decommissioning and disposal of IT assets in a compliant way.