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Digital Display Rental for Retail

Digital window displays capture shopper attention, create a buzz and generate footfall

Hamilton Rentals helps a leading high street retailer bring visual innovation to its shop windows, with high resolution LED video displays that draw shoppers in-store.


Bringing Visual Innovation to the Shop Window
High street retailers know that when it comes to storefronts, first impressions really do count.

Experts at creating backdrops that draw customers in-store and generate footfall, they took the decision to initiate a new era of visual merchandising – using digital window displays to showcase fashion products in an eye-catching way.

“We wanted to use images and video to bring products to life and capture the attention of passers-by with immersive on-screen content that’s impossible to ignore – even from a distance.”

But bringing high impact visual innovation to the storefront was just the start of the story.

Going digital would also enable infinitely adaptable messaging, making it possible to dynamically schedule content and instantly change on-screen messages and images to inspire customers with current trends, seasonal promotions and special events.

“Having complete control over the creation, delivery and timing of content would give us the flexibility to handle year-round promotions with ease, updating displays in real-time to respond fast to changing retailing demands.”

Having defined its digital window display vision, the team turned its attention to rolling the concept out across 90 stores in key UK shopping locations.

The Requirement

Overcoming complexity – and keeping costs down
Having imagined the possibilities, bringing high-impact digital display innovation to the shop window would prove to be a complex proposition.

“When we began to investigate our options, the scale of the task before us soon became clear.”

“We were confronted with pulling together all the hardware, software and content management platforms and then handling the entire implementation. After which there were day-to-day issues to consider, like maintaining the installed displays and handling connectivity to the store network.”

“We realised we also faced a major up-front financial commitment for what was essentially a short-term pre-Christmas promotional programme lasting just four months.”

“As this was our first foray into digital storefront displays, we needed to find another way.”

That’s when Hamilton Rentals came into the frame with a short-term rental solution that made sound business sense, plus a complete out-of-the-box approach that took care of every aspect of set up, installation and ongoing maintenance.

“Hamilton Rentals quite simply tailored a solution that ticked every box. They even helped us navigate secure connectivity conversations with our IT team.”

The Solution

Making an Impact (Fast)
Hamilton Rentals took care of the entire installation across 90 stores, delivering a selection of 75-inch and 85-inch state-of-the-art high-resolution LCD screens that enable products to be shown off in incredible detail.

The high brightness displays demand attention – even in bright sunlight – making on-screen content impossible to ignore.

“The roll-out was fast, efficient and highly coordinated. Hamilton Rentals liaised closely with the team to ensure the right screens were delivered to the right stores at the right time, and placed in the right position. Taking care of everything from cabling to connection to the in-store WiFi, they had the expertise to put it all together.”

But that wasn’t all.
“Hamilton Rentals opened our eyes when it came to smart displays that connect directly to the cloud over IP – enabling dynamic updates across multiple locations. As an experienced digital signage integrator, they made it possible for us to update displays with just a few clicks – creating playlists we could target at specific stores or geographic regions.”

Utilising a centrally managed web portal, the team is able to upload new content to screens on a store-by-store basis, using visual assets to promote key stock items with video footage and still images.

“This gives us fingertip control over content in every store, scheduling screens to run content at predetermined times of the day, in specific locations. Plus, we can see the status of every screen – if it’s live and what’s showing now.”

The Outcome

Creating a Wow Factor
The moment the digital window displays went live, they created an instant buzz.
“The screens had an immediate impact, creating a high visibility presence in locations where catching the eye of consumers has a significant influence on generating footfall in-store.”

But it wasn’t just customers that responded well to the eye-catching digital displays.

“The feedback we received from in-store personnel was also overwhelmingly positive. They reported experiencing new-found pride in their stores and genuine excitement at the promotions and products we were highlighting.”

So much so, that the decision was taken to extend the digital window display programme for a further 12 months so the team can continue to promote products with visually enticing content and promotional messages.

The highly flexible content management platform also means new content can be uploaded to screens across the store network in a phased fashion that’s coordinated with the schedules of the nationwide teams responsible for refreshing in-store window displays.

The solution has also delivered an unexpected bonus.
“Thanks to Hamilton Rentals’s help, we’ve been able to refine and extend our visual merchandising capabilities, using digital window displays to create a greater synergy with merchandising campaigns undertaken in every channel.”

Why Hamilton Rentals

Experienced at helping organisations leverage powerful new display technologies and smart content platforms, Hamilton Rentals understands how to help firms generate a return on investment that goes beyond increased brand awareness and sales.

“Leasing from Hamilton Rentals enabled us to initiate promotional digital window displays across the store network without significant capital investment, and at a price point that worked for us.”

But the greatest benefit was finding a solution partner prepared to guide the team through the whole process –from selecting the right screen to handling the installation logistics and providing recommendations on the best way to undertake the streamlined management of visual assets and content.

“Hamilton Rentals delivered a complete and highly flexible solution, giving me a single point of contact for every aspect of the programme – including support and maintenance – all of which has proved invaluable.”

“Over the months, they’ve become an extension of our team – responsive, collaborative and easy to work with, they helped turn our vision into a workable reality.”