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IT Rental is a Cost Effective Technology Solution

In uncertain times, IT rental offers a pragmatic and cost effective way to minimise capital expenditure without constraining business ambitions.

Economic uncertainty is not good for business. High inflation, high interest rates and tightening market demand means that organisations operating in every industry sector are looking to conserve cash without inhibiting their growth or operational performance.

IT rental offers organisations a hyper flexible way to fulfil their technology and infrastructure needs and flex resources as needed, while keeping costs under control.

Unlike traditional procurement, IT rental offers a number of benefits that can significantly reduce your organisation’s overheads:

  • Rent technology only for as long as you need - with no long term commitment, you are free to flex technology resources up and down with no financial penalty. When equipment is returned, the cost ends.
  • Delivery and pick up is included - here at Hamilton Rentals we take care of all the logistics. That includes delivery/pickup to end users.
  • Zero maintenance and repairs - we automatically replace any item damaged/lost by end users.
  • Eliminate indirect asset costs - with rental, you no longer need to factor in hidden cost of ownership costs (depreciation, spares, logistics, storage, maintenance, end-of-life retirement and disposal).here at

Giving you choice and strategic options

Here at Hamilton Rentals, we make it easy for organisations to only pay for what they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

Developed with agility in mind, our rental solutions are ideal for organisations that need to:

  • Get short term IT projects up and running fast - software development programmes, migration projects, and more.
  • Trial new services or test entry into new markets - explore the viability of business initiatives before committing long term to a new strategy.
  • Flex resources in line with changing workforce demands - major events and conferences, seasonal market peaks, training programmes, remote workforce needs.
  • Defer purchasing IT assets until budget is available - strategically enhance your procurement strategy with a rental agreement that gives you defined purchase options at the close of your rental term.
  • Overcome technical debt limitations - an ideal resolution to addressing legacy hardware that is inhibiting the productivity or innovation capabilities of an organisation, with no protracted requests for access to capital.

A responsive and trusted rental partner

Committed to giving organisations room to manoeuvre their finances and minimise capital expenditure, while keeping up to date with the latest technology options, our services enable you to get the right kit for the right application, and only pay for the cost of time assets are utilised.

We offer:

  • Next day/rapid delivery from our extensive inventory of IT assets.
  • Advice and guidance from our extensive inventory of IT assets.
  • Flexible rental agreements with transparent and competitive pricing – hire for just a few days or up to two years.
  • Comprehensive service packages featuring logistics, configuration, set up and support.
  • Security assurance, we are Cyber Essentials accredited and hold ISO certifications

Why work with Hamilton Rentals

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Offering an extensive fleet of IT and AV we are used to providing hundreds of laptops, tablets and screens to many major events.

It rental partner IT support


Ensuring the reliability of your rental we can provide comprehensive telephone and onsite support.

server migration USP-Imageacredited


Offering peace of mind, we are fully ISO accredited for security, sustainability and quality. And hold additional certification for cyber security, data wiping and IT asset disposal.

fast It rental fast delivery


We provide fast access to stock, which can be pre-built and shipped within 48 hours direct to users.