Acer Evaluation

Hamilton Rentals manages the Acer Evaluation Programme.

The Acer Evaluation Initiative provides Acer and its channel partners with a zero cost* short-term loan of the latest Acer laptops, tablets, desktops and displays to their end-users.

The Acer Evaluation Initiative is designed to be used for driving multi-unit placements by providing an evaluation mechanism for the Acer product ranges.

Why choose the Acer Evaluation Initiative

  • Demonstrate Acer products - Allow your customers to benchmark the latest Acer products against their existing or a competitor's solution.
  • Drive multi-unit sales - Close more orders by providing evaluation services, which reassures the customer and reduces any perceived purchase risk.
  • Showcase the latest Acer technology - Open new revenue streams and expand your product offering with Acer's cutting-edge products.
  • Gain the competitive advantage - Provide an additional pre-sale Acer service your competitors, and other vendors, can't.

How to apply for an Acer Evaluation

All requests are made by completing an on-line application form on

Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Acer Marketing Management. You will be notified within less than 5 working days of the submission of the application whether you have been successful.

Criteria for qualifying includes high value opportunities, large quantity opportunities, account development and competitive wins.


The initiative should target:

  • Existing customers, for deployment into application areas usually dominated by competitive platforms.
  • New customers evaluating alternatives to expensive and unreliable platforms.


* Evaluations are subject to Acers pre-approval and product availability.

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