HaaS - Hardware as a Service

HaaS offers the ideal solution for clients with short-term hardware needs, without the cost of ownership.

What is Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, is a complete end-to-end service. When the cost of ownership cannot be justified, hardware can be deployed on a short-term basis to cover seasonal or peak demand, proof of concept, migration, training or even test and development projects.

Hamilton Rentals retains ownership of the hardware as the managed service provider (MSP) and facilitates the client usage in a way which best suits their requirement. Including:

  • Build - The hardware solution is built and pre-configured to the exact specification by our team of fully certified engineers and can be pre-loaded with customer images, operating systems and software packages. The solution is then tested fully prior to shipment.
  • Install - Our installation team will deliver and set up the solution at the client site. This helps ensure your clients' dedicated resources are not taken away from their key tasks and projects.
  • Support - For the duration of usage, hardware support is provided and can be tailored to your client needs, whether this be standard business hours (9am to 5pm Mon-Fri) or critical use 24x 7.

What are the benefits of Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service is a cost-effective way to ensure businesses can provide IT hardware exactly when it’s needed and to the specification desired. Additional benefits include:

  • Choice - Whether the requirement is for tablets, PCs or laptops for staff training, or a full server and storage datacentre replication ahead of a migration project, we will have a solution that works.
  • Easy - Hamilton Rentals has a wealth of experience in the short-term use arena, meaning working with us is straightforward.
  • Flexible - There are no limitations to our Hardware as a Service offering, if the hardware is needed for longer, we can extend the contract. If the task finishes earlier than expected, we'll arrange early return. Maybe the specification is not quite what it needs to be, we can scale up or scale down the solution to suit the tasks at hand.
  • Risk Mitigation - Hamilton Rentals retains ownership of the equipment, meaning that your client is paying for usage only.
  • No Capex - HaaS solution costs can be met out of operating expenditure, meaning your clients Capex budget is not utilised.

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