IT Hire and AV Rental for Training courses and Graduate Programmes

Graduate programmes and training courses often mean you have a large influx of temporary staff or attendees all requiring additional IT resources. In this situation, AV and IT hire can make perfect sense.

Many human resource managers and training companies rely on Hamilton Rentals to provide hire of the latest IT and AV solutions on and off-site, helping to save money, valuable time and  avoid additional stress on internal IT departments.

Whether you need a traditional training room set up with PCs, laptops or iPads, large touch screens with an electronic voting solution for a conference hall, or hundreds of laptops for a six month graduate employment programme, we can help.


Why choose Hamilton Rentals for your training course

  • We ensure you are ready to start on time - Laptops, tablet PCs or desktops for each graduate and instructor can be pre-loaded with your image, software or files on as many machines as you need.
  • Training off-site at multiple locations - We can provide delivery and installation at your chosen locations within your specified time frames, whether it’s a one-day training course or a six-month graduate programme at many different locations.
  • Impress and engage with latest technology - The latest voting solutions, SMART whiteboards and touch screens allow you to interact with your audience, which can help to gather feedback, improve learning and measure knowledge retention rates.
  • Expertise - We offer on-site technical support for that extra assurance during your training course.
  • Data Security - With GDPR compliant data wiping and ADISA approved data destruction facilities at our parent company Bell Integration.

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