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IT Rental for Enterprises

Delivering certainty in uncertain times, our IT rental programmes make it possible to respond at speed and at scale to fast-changing operational needs in a compliant and sustainable way.

Freeing up people, time and funds, we enable today’s CIOs to overcome a multitude of enterprise IT challenges in a cost-optimised and efficient manner.

Designed to put you back in control, our extensive fleet of resources enable you to avoid permanently committing budget to hardware that may not be required for the long term.

With Hamilton Rentals you can:

  • Scale your desktop estate up or down - handle short term resource challenges with confidence. We provide fast access to stock which can be pre-built and shipped within 48 hours direct to users.
  • Mitigate risk - evaluate servers before you buy or hire servers for software testing and development programmes to avoid compromising existing systems.
  • Maintain BAU during server migration, virtualisation or relocation – utilising rented swing kit to replicate your existing environment and avoid downtime in mission critical systems.
  • Initiate disaster recovery fast – maintain business continuity by renting a temporary IT solution to recover from flood, fire or theft.
  • Enable new business projects at speed – handle seasonal demand peaks, innovate fast, and initiate forays into new markets in a flexible and cost effective way.
  • Avoid over provisioning or costly technology mis-steps – return equipment early, extend hire duration or even purchase a solution once it’s proven.

A cost-effective and compliant solution

With Hamilton Rentals you’re able to access vital equipment the moment it’s needed, at a simplified and predictable pay-for-use cost. Alongside conserving budget, since IT rental utilises Opex, not Capex, it’s not subject to depreciation charges.

Eliminating the many ‘hidden’ costs associated with equipment ownership – maintenance, upgrades, support, logistics, installation, physical storage, applications, finance, insurance and depreciation – our IT rental solutions are ideal for CIOs that need to maximise budgets.

All our IT equipment features the latest software updates and end point security while our stringent asset management processes ensure your cybersecurity posture is maximised. Covering everything from the configuration, deployment and onboarding/offboarding of users, every rental asset is tracked and wiped on return to our secure facilities. We utilise Blancco data erasure software for laptops, mobiles, LUNs, VMs, files and more to give you certified data sanitation.

Deliver on your sustainability goals

Providing an ideal way for organisations to re-think their technology utilisation and participate in the circular economy, our solutions eliminate the need to purchase equipment for temporary or short term enterprise requirements.

By utilising a rental shared usage model, organisations can lower their environmental impact and associated greenhouse gas emissions by 30-50%. Plus, at end of life, we manage the entire re-use and recycling of equipment and components process utilising ISO accredited procedures.

More than just a rental service – we build, deploy and install new solutions, so you don’t have to

With the pressure on to maintain a lean, high performance IT organisation, we’re able to provide fast access to the equipment, engineering manpower and know how needed to plan, build, deploy and install new solutions rapidly and at scale. We also take care of all the logistics associated with every task.

Ideal for CIOs that need to enable rapid digital transformation, remote/hybrid workforce models or temporary projects, our complete service gives you:

  • Consultancy on the right technology for every project
  • Support for office relocations, system upgrades, migrations and swap outs
  • Engineering resources for configuration and set-up plus on-site support

Why work with Hamilton Rentals

server rental USP-Imagescale


Offering an extensive fleet of IT and AV we are used to providing hundreds of laptops, tablets ,screens and servers to many major organisations.

fast It rental fast delivery


We provide fast access to hardware, which can be pre-built and shipped within 48 hours direct to users.

It rental partner IT support


Ensuring the reliability of your rental we can provide comprehensive telephone and onsite support.

Secure IT Rental USP-Imageacredited

Fully Accredited

Offering peace of mind, we are fully ISO accredited for security, sustainability and quality. And hold additional certification for cyber security, data wiping and IT asset disposal.