Channel & Partner IT Rental

We support our channel partners with the agile deployment of flexible IT & AV rental solutions for all short- term requirements, or for when purchase cannot be justified.

Our aim is to increase the value that partners can add to their customer engagements.

We have been part of, and worked with the vendor and partner community for longer than any other technology rental company. We understand our services form part of larger, more complex situation. Our experience allows us to work as an extension to your services solution teams.


Our Channel IT & AV rental services are ideal for a range of scenarios, including

  • Cloud or data centre migration, visualisation or IT infrastructure relocation - Whilst outright purchase will be the correct solution for some business, others may have made the decision to move to a complete cloud solution. This process may take up to 18 months. If in this interim period you need additional hardware, rental offers a sustainable solution with fixed monthly cost and complete flexibility and no CAPEX outlay.
  • To overcome supply chain constraints or delivery shortages - with fast access to stock, which can be pre-built and shipped (normally within 48 hours) direct to your client.
  • Proof of concept for IT infrastructure - ensuring the new environment will suit your business or your client’s needs.
  • An alternative to legacy maintenance - renting the latest equipment provides an alternative to renewing legacy SLA contracts, saving on licensing costs and possibly reducing energy bills through utilising modern hardware.
  • Workload peaks - provision laptops for temporary staff, or deploy extra servers for additional capacity.
  • Remote working - available rental stock allows your customers to avoid any laptop supply chain constraints. Devices can be pre-built with your specified software and can be shipped directly to client sites or remote employees.
  • Events - providing cutting edge AV to ensure the best possible event experience. Rental makes good business sense, as typically hardware is only needed for a short period of time.
  • Software testing and development - hire servers to provide test environments and avoid compromising existing systems.
  • Training courses and graduate programmes - provide short-term access to touch screens, laptops, iPads or PCs that can be set up when and where they’re needed.
  • Disaster recovery - mobilise IT solutions for a fast recovery from disruptive events such as fire, flooding or theft to assure business continuity.

No matter what projects you are working on, if you are not going to need that hardware in 18 months you should consider rental, which offers complete flexibility in terms of hardware, scale up, scale down, early return or extend at the end of the period.

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