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The Samsung Loan Pool is an initiative designed to enable Samsung, their business partners and customers access to a free of charge short-term loan of the latest Samsung technology for evaluation and proof of concept.

Samsung LFD evaluations

Why use the Samsung Loan Pool?

The Samsung Loan Pool's goal is to provide evaluation and proof of concept services that support business opportunities and demand generation.

  • Prove Samsung's product superiority - Allow your customers to benchmark the latest Samsung large format displays, including digital signage and video wall, monitors, cloud and hospitality screens against their existing or a competitors solution.
  • Galvanise sales opportunities - Close more orders by providing evaluation services which reassure the customer and reduces any perceived purchase risk.
  • Showcase the latest technologly - Open new revenue streams and expand your product offering with Samsung cutting edge products.
  • Gain the competitive advantage - Provide an additional pre-sale service your competitors and other vendors cannot.

Features of the initiative include:

  • Free of charge short term evalution periods with Samsung's approval
  • Excellent choice of the latest AV
  • Easy to apply and process
  • Fast access to equipment
  • Pre-sales support
  • Pre-configuration, delivery/installation and collection arranged by Hamilton Rentals
  • Extendable loan periods at Samsung's discretion
Samsung videowall evaluation

How to apply for a Samsung Loan

Business Partners and customers can either contact their Samsung account manager or apply online at

Please note all loans need to be approved by Samsung and Hamilton Rentals can help identify the correct approach for approval.

Criteria for qualifying includes business in new accounts, new business in existing accounts, high value opportunities, large quantity opportunities, account development and competitive wins.

What can I Evaluate?

Hamilton Rentals can provide access to the latest Samsung AV products including:

  • Digital signage
  • Interactive displays
  • Outdoor screens
  • Hospitality Screens
  • Cloud displays
  • Monitors

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