Application Support

How to provide 24/7/365 operations whilst maintaining the ever-changing business demands in a cost effective way can be an underlying issue for many IT organisations and business service availability is key in delivering an IT service that is both fundamentally important and meets organisational requirements.

Why Hamilton Rentals for your Application Support?

Application Support

The operational processes needed to support applications as your technology grows ever more complex, and facilitating cloud architecture and hybrid solutions continues to evolve.

IT estates often include a real diverse mix of hardware: multi vendor solutions and legacy equipment, as well as a mixture of delivery models: on-premise hardware, private or public cloud services - each with its own set of challenges.

Hamilton Rentals can provide you with the tools to meet the ever changing demands of your business, including access to a global 24x7x365 response software, service delivery, service level management & reporting and ITIL-best practice all using a single point of contact.

Our 24/7 global software support ensures 100% availability of your mission critical applications.

Application support for your legacy hardware or software can be prohibitively expensive when sourced through the vendor, we can supply you with an alternative and cost-effective solution.

What can we do?

We'll provide you with out of hours support via our service desk and a single point of contact for all ITIL-based best practice. Access to a full complement of 3rd party vendors and suppliers and monitoring of your key applications, platforms and infrastructure.

Response support will monitor, predict and resolve issues effectively, round the clock - exactly when you need it.

Application Support Process

Think Hamilton Rentals

  • Step 1 - Assesment service: Review of applications and current incidents / problem logs, explore service consolidation & retirement opportunities.
  • Step 2 - Service Sizing: Define the scope of services and required SLAs.
  • Step 3 - Application Familiarisation: Staff training and workshops.
  • Step 4 - Service Introduction: Service is live and monitored in line with agreed SLAs.

We provide a flexible and effective service and help you add value to your customers

Think outside the box, think Hamilton Rentals

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