IBM Server and Storage Evaluation

Hamilton Rental's is IBM’s exclusive loan pool partner in the UK and is responsible for managing their storage and server evaluation programmes.

The IBM Loan Pool initiatives are designed to enable IBM and the Business Partner Community to rapidly deliver no cost, short-term loans, evaluation and proof of concept systems, to support customer opportunities and demand-generating activities.

The intent of this program is to provide Evaluation and Proof of concept systems to support customer opportunities and demand-generating activities.

Why choose the IBM Loan Programme

  • Proof of concept - Allow your customers to benchmark the latest IBM POWER servers and mid-range storage, against their existing or a competitors solution.
  • Speed up the sales cycle - Use evaluation to prove success to the end user and reduce any perceived purchase risk.
  • Gain the competitive advantage - Provide an additional pre-sale IBM service your competitors and other vendors can't.

Process and Criteria for Loans

Business Partners have access to the loan programmes through the brand sales specialist responsible for the end user customer, or your IBM account manager.

In all cases IBM loans need to be approved by the IBM STG Brand team. Hamilton Rentals can help identify the correct approval.

Criteria for qualifying includes new business wins, new business areas in existing accounts, high value product/solution deals, multi-unit opportunities, business development, competitive wins, ISV/CSI/MSP development.

Features of the programme include:

  • Free of charge loan periods with IBM approval
  • Fast access to equipment
  • Pre-sales support
  • Pre-configured systems, delivery/installation and collection arranged by Hamilton Rentals
  • Hardware support during the loan period
  • Extendable loan periods at IBM's discretion

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