Why should Finance Directors consider IT Rental

Don't let the current economic uncertainty affect your IT & AV investment decisions. Many companies work with Hamilton Rentals for our IT hire solutions to help bridge the gap, reduce purchase risk and to help improve company liquidity and productivity.

What are the financial reasons to consider IT Hire?

  • Conserve cash flow - IT rental uses Operation expenditure rather than Capital spend which allows companies to avoid depreciation charges usually associated with computer hardware purchase.
  • Pay for use not ownership - Avoid depreciation, maintenance and support costs associated with IT ownership. Our flexible rental contracts can be increased or decreased with fluctuating staff numbers and workloads allowing you have the right amount of IT and AV equipment all of the time.
  • Spread the cost or defer purchase dates - Avoid budget constraints and utilise the rent to own facility, spreading the cost of the purchase over the duration of the rental, or use purchase off rental when funds become available.
  • Avoid budget cuts - Use our rental credits and roll over any unused IT budget. Credits can be spent throughout the following year and can help you safe-guard your future IT budgets against cuts for non-use.
  • Research and development expenditure credits - When used for non-routine short term research projects, IT rental costs can be offset against the government RDEC tax incentive.
  • Reduce spend on events, training and projects - Use rental for any short term requirement when IT purchase is hard to justify.

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