Projector Hire and 4k Projector Rental

Hamilton Rentals has an excellent range of Data Projectors from the leading manufacturers available to rent, we also offer hire of fixed and mobile solutions including the latest 4k models.

Data Projectors are well established technology, available in a variety of sizes and specifications they are popular rental solution. Our hire projectors are available in a range of resolutions including: SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WUXGA and 4K.

Its best to choose WXGA or a higher resolution if you need to project a high quality image or video. The throw distance and ambient light of your venue should also be a factor when choosing the right projector to rent.

Our extensive hire fleet includes:

projector rental for events
  • Ultra-Compact Portable LED Projectors - Ideal for life on the move our ultra portable projector hire solutions weigh just 0.5kg and are ideal for small meeting rooms with low ambient light.
  • Standard XGA Projectors - Suitable for smaller meetings and presentations, XGA projector rental is an ideal solution if you need mobility or have a limited budget. We stock models from BenQ which project bright clear 3000 lumen images along with wireless connectivity and the ability for a PC-less presentation.
  • Full HD Projectors - The 3200 ANSI lumens and a high contrast ratio of our HD Projector rental fleet means they are suitable for medium sized venues. They provide bright crystal clear high definition images and a cost-effective way of playing video clips for you audience whatever the light level.
  • WXGA Projectors - Offering widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio with HD resolution and suitable for connecting to tablets, laptops, PCs, games consoles and blu-ray players with a HDMI output. When connected to a 1080p source this projector will project bright images with excellent clarity.
  • Short Throw Digital Projectors - Ideal when you only have limited space but still require large bright XGA images and video. Short throw projector hire is most suited for small meetings or training rooms
  • 3D Projectors - Ideal for smaller venues and great for 3D movies and gaming (as well as standard 2D). 3D projector hire offers bright clear images and optional 3D with the use of additional glasses.
  • 4k Projectors - The latest innovation, 4k UHD projector. Offering 3840 x 2160 pixels. UHD images are potentially four times sharper than HD. Ideal when only the best resolution will do.
  • Large Venue Projectors - Where a high light output projector is required. Our large venue projector hire fleet offers at least 8000 ANSI-lumens with HD resolution and is ideal for conference halls and large event venues
projector rental

Our extensive projector hire fleet, along with our experienced project managers and qualified engineering team has enabled us to supply solutions to a large variety of businesses.

Why hire data projectors

  • For events - Providing an alternative to LED Screen Rental projector hire tends to be cheaper as the devices are much more mobile and cheaper to deliver and quicker to install.
  • For training courses - Ideal for education or the corporate environment, projectors help the trainer engage with their attendees.
  • For meetings or presentations - Ideal for working offsite, many projectors are easy to transport and offer excellent mobility.
  • For film and product launches - No mater the size of the venue or whether you need 3D, HD or 4k we can help.
  • For business travel - Ultra portable projectors can weigh under a kilo so are ideal if you need to travel.

Why choose Hamilton Rentals:

  • We offer an excellent choice of projectors with the rental fleet being made up of units from leading manufacturers including: NEC, Sanyo, BenQ and Viewsonic.
  • Testing and installation by AV accredited engineers
  • Competitive low prices on short term or long term rental
  • Same day or overnight delivery available on most rentals
  • Every projector rental is covered by IT support as standard
  • Flexible rental contracts, extend or cut short as required

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