IT Leasing and Extended Term Rental

We provide reliable and dependable IT and AV leasing services tailored to meet our customer's needs, we offer flexible finance periods from 2 to 5 years

Its vital for companies to keep up with the rate of technological change to maintain their competitive edge. IT leasing can help fulfil this need as companies can access the latest and greatest hardware for a fraction of the upfront cost compared to outright purchase.

IT Leasing

Why you should consider leasing your IT & AV equipment

  • Pay for use not ownership
  • Overcome budget limitations. Access your new IT equipment straight away, rather than when budgets allows
  • Tax deductible as a leasing is treated as an operating expense
  • Conserves capital expenditure, maintains liquidity and improves cash flow
  • Preserves credit
  • Avoids depreciation
  • Lower initial outlay than purchase
  • Match your lease period to the life cycle of your hardware, allowing you to keep your technology fresh

We strive to provide a level of service that sees our customers and partners coming back to us time and time again.

Why use us for your IT leasing requirements:

  • Competitive rates - Equipment is priced against our wholesale cost rather than a retail price unlike many finance companies.
  • Fast decisions - We can provide a competitive quote within an hour and a credit decisions within 4 ? 6 hours.
  • Flexibile contracts - Upgrade or add more equipment to the lease at any stage throughout the agreement.
  • Plug and play - Equipment is configured and tested prior to delivery or installation.
  • Excellent choice - A range of finance and payment options available.
  • Fully supported - IT support and maintenance available on every contract.
  • Software available - Periodic payment on selected software products including Microsoft.
  • Environmentally sound - Hamilton Rentals can also offer Data erasure and WEEE recycling or resale for your existing redundant IT & AV equipment.
IT Leasing

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Hamilton Rentals working with our business partner Corporate Asset Solutions to provide competitive IT leasing.