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IT Rental FAQs

How do I rent from Hamilton Rentals?

Simply ยป contact us or request a Quote.
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What rental periods do you offer?

From as little as one day right up to two years - and everything in between!
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Exactly how long is a week's hire?

A full seven days beginning the day after we deliver the equipment to you. That way you get a full week's use of the equipment.
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Can I buy the equipment I have on rental from you?

Much of our equipment is available for purchase, contact us for more details.
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Do you offer an installation service?

Yes. We can install any equipment you rent or purchase from us. We can also provide installation of your own equipment.
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Do you offer demonstrations or training?

Full demonstrations and training is available on much of our equipment. contact us for details.
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Can you advise me on the most suitable equipment to meet my requirements?

Of course simply phone or email us and one of our account managers will contact you to discuss your requirements in detail.
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What if I have a problem with the equipment I have rented?

Problems are rare but should you experience any issues with the equipment you hire from us we will solve them as quickly as possible. We can provide on-line or helpdesk support, an engineer on-site, or replacement of the faulty equipment.
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How do I get a quotation?

Simply complete the quotation enquiry form or you can contact us
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How can I get more information?

Contact us and one of our account managers will be happy to provide any information you require
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Who is responsible if the rental hardware is lost, damaged or stolen?

The rental equipment is the customers responsibility, they need to ensure that its returned to us undamaged and in good working order. We do advise that you contact your insurance company to ensure you are covered for the additional equipment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more infomation.
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Can I extend or return my rental early?

We offer flexible rental periods, to extend or arrange early return simply Contact us .
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What other services do you offer other than IT rental?

We offer installation, IT recycling, datacenter relocation, leasing, data wiping, IT procurement and much more visit our services section for more details.
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