Try Before You Buy IT Rental

IT rental to conserve budgets

Avoid purchase risk and evaluate, use IT hire and try out your technology before you buy

Rapid changes in computer technology can make buying IT equipment a risky business, but you may seriously damage your business if you don?t keep pace!

The Try Before You Buy scheme from Hamilton Rentals is often the solution.

Hamilton Rentals take the risk that your solution is going to be right for you. We will supply a brand new system to the agreed specification, on a pre-agreed rental contract of up to 3 months. If you decide to buy the system, we will count your rental premiums as part payment and will simply invoice for the balance of the purchase price.

If you decide not to buy the system, then you can return it at the end of the agreed rental term, and you will have nothing extra to pay.

All of the terms of the TBYB rental rates and purchase prices are carefully calculated and presented to you before we accept your order, there are no hidden extra charges.

Features & Benefits



Rental from 1 to 3 months Evaluate in-house prior to commitment to purchase
Invoiced monthly against revenue budget with sale invoice at the end Defer full payment whilst awaiting capital approval
Commitment is for the rental period required Return equipment with no penalty if purchase not required
Hamilton Rentals is accredited to fully support the hardware Full on-site maintenance and telephone support provided
Hamilton Rentals is funded internally Simplified project management and peace of mind
Hamilton Rentals has the largest rental pool in the UK Immediate availability of a wide range of products
Full on-site maintenance and telephone support provided

Why Use Try Before You Buy IT Rental

For Evaluation

Try Before You Buy is the ideal solution for evaluation of an application in its intended environment prior to committing to purchase.

With hire, the monthly payments you make are not recoverable, with Try Before You Buy, the monthly payments are accrued toward the eventual purchase.

To Avoid Capital Spending Constraints

If you decide not to buy, you only pay the hire charge and return the equipment.

If your capital approval process is protracted, Try Before You Buy enables you to acquire the equipment now, fund the monthly payments from your revenue budget, use the equipment whilst awaiting capital approval and buy when it is approved. Try Before You Buy monthly payments then count toward the purchase price.

For Risk Management

If capital approval is not granted, you can continue with the hire or return the equipment having paid for the hire only.

Try Before You Buy is a high risk offering provided by Hamilton Rentals. It is high risk to us because the equipment may be returned rather than purchased. This is an option that most suppliers would not contemplate because they have to dispose of this equipment should it be returned ? we add it to our rental pool.

No Hidden Costs or Penalties

Some companies will offer a Try Before You Buy on low value products but Hamilton Rentals will consider and underwrite requirements valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The monthly payment prices and the purchase off rent prices are quoted ?up front? so there are no hidden costs.

If you would like further information simply Request a Quote Or Contact our sales team

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