Spread the cost with the Rent to Own Program

Hamilton Rentals has introduced a purchasing programme to help combat the effect of the current poor economic climate.

The Rent To Own (RTO) programme mixes rental and purchase to spread the cost of IT projects over a fixed period.

In many instances the programme provides cash flow benefits and cost savings over traditional methods of purchasing.

What is it?

The customer rents equipment and software for 3 or 6 months (typically) and on payment of the final rental invoice title transfers to the customer. The RTO programme is an alternative method for acquiring IT equipment.

The Benefits

There are several benefits with this approach and fully justifies considering Hamilton Rentals as a supplier:

  1. Hamilton Rentals can often supply IT equipment considerably cheaper than traditional methods. Hamilton Rentals owns over £25M of rental and evaluation IT equipment and has a considerable stream of new and used assets requiring disposal. (The UK and European Vendor Evaluation Programs and Loan Pools that are managed by Hamilton Rentals include Industry Standard and Business Critical systems for Sun Microsystems, IBM and HP).
  2. For your customers, their rental costs can be met out of Operating Expenditure and not out of their Capital Expenditure budget. When capex budgets are slashed or as lease/HP facilities are reduced or withdrawn this is a way of gaining access to vital equipment. In some cases, marketing development funds can be used to pay for rentals
  3. IT projects that have been cancelled or moved can now be resurrected or left untouched using this programme. This helps you to make sales now ahead of your competition.
  4. Cash flow is enhanced as payments can be spread over a number of months for both you and the customer.
  5. Rental costs are Profit and Loss items and as a result do not incur depreciation charges. Ordinarily rental costs are classified as operating leases, and the costs are thus fully chargeable against revenue in the year they are incurred. This programme, therefore, has a cash flow and cost savings element and can used to help the sales process.
  6. All equipment provided under an RTO scheme is fully maintained by the manufacturer's warranty and is UK sourced (no 'grey'products). After the purchase you can also upgrade the manufacturers' support options.
  7. Faster project implementations can be achieved by working with Hamilton Rentals. Firstly we have over £20M of stock to choose from and secondly we are a short-term rental company, with processes geared to delivering solutions within hours and not weeks. Many recent instances of RTO's being successfully used occur when vendors are unable to meet client delivery expectations. Hamilton Rentals were able to deliver on schedule to ensure the sale went through and ahead of the competition.
  8. Using this programme allows the customer to have use of the equipment now and delay the purchase into a period where there is an allocated budget.
  9. Very importantly risk is reduced when employing this programme. Risk is reduced in four ways.
    • At the end of the rental period the customer can return the equipment and walk away from any commitments without penalty.
    • This programme can be used in combination with others including the Recycling and Refurbishing Programme under which Hamilton Rentals can take the customers' redundant IT equipment and refurbish it for the customers future use, for sale (in which case, any proceeds may be utilised to defray costs) or dispose of it with certificated data erasure or destruction and in line with the WEEE directive.

What equipment

From Datacentre class servers to a handful of HP Laptops or iPads - Hamilton Rentals can provide a rapid response to quotation and stock requests.

How To Proceed

Simply Contact our sales team for more information.

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