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VR Headset Rental

Create memorable and immersive experiences with our VR headsets.  We offer rental of the latest virtual reality headsets and supporting technology from some of the leading virtual reality vendors.

VR headsets harness the latest technology to fully engage the individual in a digital environment. Gyroscopes and accelerometers allow for smooth and precise head tracking, while the wide angled display and built-in speakers offer stunning graphics and sound.  Most of the headsets have built-in sound and proximity sensors, which blend physical objects and environments with digital content, offering the user a version of mixed reality.

What do I need to create a VR experience, event or venue?

Some VR headsets are stand alone but most need a high end PC, laptop or server to stream content and interact with the device, all of which can be hired from Hamilton Rentals.

A wide range of VR content, apps and games are available to download from each of the virtual reality headset vendors. If you did would like bespoke, branded content, our digital content designers and developers will work with you to provide an immersive and interactive solution.


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VR Headset Rental


Reason to rent

Many companies have already rented VR and embraced virtual reality for their short term projects, including:

  • Events – Create 3D, memorable and immersive events, engage your audience with hired VR headsets and bespoke content provided by Hamilton rentals.
  • Training courses and interactive classrooms – Adults digest the information in the most effective way when we can practically interact. VR headset hire can be used to help create engaging and interactive training courses and effective team building exercises.
  • VR conferencing – Much like video conferencing VR hire will save you time on travel and help connect your regional offices and offsite employees.
  • Product launches and interactive retail spaces – Many retailers can use VR hire to provide virtual showrooms, catalogues, price guides and offers. Bespoke content can be designed to suit you unique brand and business, furniture retailers can virtually furnish a room, clothing retailers can provide virtual changing rooms. The applications for VR retail solutions on and off premise are extensive.
  • Presentations and meetings – Many virtual reality headsets are stand-alone meaning you can present anywhere without the need of a large format display or projector. VR hire allows you to meet clients online in virtual lounges removing the need to travel or book meeting rooms.
  • Interactive event venues – Virtual reality can be used by venues to engage and entertain their visitors. Provide information and way finding as well as hosting VR conferences and meetings.
  • Design and engineering projects – Preview designs at scale and create 3D models quickly. Share your project and collaborate easily online with offsite clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Tech spec

What virtual reality headsets are available to hire?

  • Samsung Gear VR -The Gear VR headset and controller is engineered to work in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy or Note Android phones. A wide range of content and Apps are available from Samsung as well as access to their VR lounges.
  • Oculus Rift – Requiring at least a midrange i5 PC or laptop with high end graphics, the Oculus Rift offers an excellent range of games, experiences and digital entertainment.
  • Microsoft HoloLens – Offering a blend of real and virtual reality, the HoloLens allows it’s users to interact with Holograms with gaze, gesture and voice. This standalone headset is already a popular hire choice for engineers, designers and the education sector.
  • HTC Vive – When paired with the proper hardware, a midrange i5 PC or laptop with high end graphics, the HTC provides fantastic VR experiences. Unlike other virtual reality solutions the Vive uses two controllers and two base stations to track the users movement.
  • PlayStation VR – Working in conjunction with a PlayStation 4, the Sony VR headset is one of the cheapest on the market, offering access to a huge range of games and apps as well as immersive experiences.