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MacBook Pro Rental

MacBook Pro Rental from Hamilton Rentals. The MacBook Pro is a popular rental product and can be considered one of the best and most desirable notebooks Apple has ever made.

Prized for its slim, sleek design the laptop offers its user access to cutting-edge graphics, high-performance processors and state-of-the-art storage.

The powerful processors and graphics card means the laptop is capable of playing 4K media files in crystal clarity. This makes the MacBook Pro an ideal rental product for events and its often used to play the content for large screens and video walls.


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MacBook Pro Rental


Reason to rent

Hamilton Rentals customers tend to hire MacBook Pros for:

  • Evaluation – The MacBook Pro is expensive in comparison to other notebooks so rental gives the opportunity to Try Before You Buy and reduces purchase risk.
  • For Events – The graphics capability makes it ideal to play 4K content on video walls.
  • For Meetings and Presentations – The light weight and long battery life make the Macpro ideal for travel and working offsite.
  • Training Courses – At such a high cost, buying the MacBook Pros for short-term use may not be justifiable. Rental would be an ideal solution.
  • Product Migration – Comparing the capabilities of the latest models with the older MacBook Pro models.
  • Software Testing or Development – Renting allows you to test or develop without compromising the existing network.
  • Temporary Additional Staff – Seasonal and workload peaks can cause a temporary need for additional MacBooks.

Tech spec

  • 13 or 15 inch screen
  • Quad-core Intel processors
  • Up to 16GB memory
  • Up to 2TB storage
  • Up to 10 hours battery life


Alternative specifications available to hire