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Duuzra Event App

Duuzra is a Content Sharing and Engagement Solution with a multitude of uses: Events, Meetings, Internal/External Coms, Virtual Gatherings, Sales Pitches and Training.

Duuzra Features

  • Access Duuzra on any device (Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop) via an Application Download or an HTML site via a web browser.
  • White Label opportunity (App and HTML Site) to match a client’s logo and branding.
  • Duuzra has the ability to push content to devices from in-person meetings to virtual meeting, as well as lock/unlock specific content.
  • Engagement features help accumulate valuable data and analytics, which can be used by different departments within an organisation.

Not just another event app – Duuzra Presentation Software gives you the freedom to build totally engaging and interactive event concepts and allows you to gather powerful pre, during and post-event analytics to help shape business decisions and future events.


Per item / per week exl VAT

Duuzra Event App


Reason to rent

Content –¬† Replace paper with a digital experience that can be designed exactly the way you want.

Interactive – The engagement your delegates and visitors want, and the data capture and insights you need.

Delegate Tools – Fully connect with your audience and allow them the opportunity to connect with each other.

Data – Detailed analytics are captured throughout the event lifecycle: pre, during and after.

Control – Sharing the content you want your audience to see, and when, allows you to remain in control of the event.

Tech spec

Duuzra is a cloud-based Content Management System that can be used to build apps for anything from large conferences to sales presentations and training (and anything in between).