Duuzra Presentation software

Hamilton Rentals are pleased to partner with Duuzra to help you easily create an engaging and interactive app for you next event

Duuzra Presentation Software

Duuzra is a Content Sharing and Engagement Solution with a multitude of uses: Events, Meetings, Internal/External Coms, Virtual Gatherings, Sales Pitches and Training.

Duuzra Features

  • Access Duuzra on any device (Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop) via an Application Download or an HTML site via a web browser
  • White Label opportunity (App and HTML Site) to match a client's logo and branding
  • Duuzra has the ability push content to devices from in person meetings to virtual meeting, as well as lock/unlock specific content
  • Engagement Features help accumulate valuable data and analytics which can be used by different departments within an organization

Not just another event app - Duuzra Presentation Software gives you the freedom to build totally engaging and interactive event concepts and allows you to gather powerful pre, during and post event analytics to help shape business decisions and future events.

Duuzra Presentation Software benefits:

Content: Replace paper with a digital experience that can be designed exactly the way you want.

Interactive: The engagement your delegates & visitors want, the data capture and insights you need.

Delegate Tools: Fully connect with your audience and allow them the opportunity to connect with each other.

Data: Detailed analytics are captured throughout the event lifecycle: pre, during and after

Control: Sharing the content you want your audience to see and when you want them to see it will allow you to remain in control of the event.

Duuzra Case Study Solutions: Duuzra Presentation Software

"Duuzra was used to help deliver, track and report on the completion of internal training. Digital training material was created to support the sessions and PWC were able to track attendance and award credits to all delegates for compliance reporting purposes. Presenters were able to get feedback from the audience and connect with the delegates during and after the event."

"Insight gained from browsing behaviour, audience questions, form and poll response data, flows back into the business by way of targeted, individual delegate reports. This information is used to help the Schroders Sales team communicate more effectively with their clients, generate targeted marketing material and shape future events."

"By using Duuzra to engage with the delegates before the event, the client was able to maximise the impact of the event. Understanding the skills and expertise of those attending helped determine the breakout sessions and ultimately meant the right messages reached the relevant people. By using iPads rather than AV in multiple breakout rooms costs were reduced without compromising professionalism."

"By using Duuzra, the client was able to create a visually stunning and fully interactive, digital delegate pack. Using the data and analytics functionality, the browsing behaviour of all delegates was tracked and information on the popularity of new products fed back to the event organisers. The use of digital feedback forms made for high levels of participation and allowed the delegates to communicate and share knowledge in the moment."

"By using Duuzra and creating a digital brochure the client was able to completely remove the need for printed material. Content could be amended quickly leading up to the event and the private network allowed full interactivity and polling in a completely secure environment. All material was deleted post event reducing the need to shred documents."

"By using Duuzra?s interactive features before, during and after the event, the client was able to pressure test the impact of the content presented. They were also able to use the data to drive product development and measure the return of investment of the event itself."

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