IBM server rental

IBM System POWER Server Rental

Hamilton Rentals have worked with IBM for over 15 years and manage their POWER and storage evaluation loan pools. We offer an excellent selection of the latest IBM POWER servers available for rental.

Well known for their innovation, reliability and cost effectiveness, IBM servers are designed to process and store the wealth of data amassed by businesses. Capable of handling prolific workloads with no system down time IBM servers are ideal for mission critcal applications.

The IBM Server Rental fleet includes:

server evaluation
  • IBM p520 POWER6 Server
  • IBM p550 POWER6 Server
  • IBM p560 POWER6 Server
  • IBM p570 POWER6 Server
  • IBM p710 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p720 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p730 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p740 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p750 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p770 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p780 POWER7 Server
  • IBM p795 POWER7 Server
  • IBM POWER System S812
  • IBM POWER System S822
  • IBM POWER System S824
  • IBM POWER System S812LC
  • IBM POWER System S821LC
  • IBM POWER System S822LC
  • IBM POWER System S824L
  • IBM Power System E850C
  • IBM Power System E850
  • IBM Power System E870
  • IBM Power System E880
  • IBM PurePower System
Ibm evaluation

IBM POWER BladeCenter Servers

  • IBM BladeCenter PS700
  • IBM BladeCenter PS701
  • IBM BladeCenter PS702
  • IBM BladeCenter PS703
  • IBM BladeCenter PS704

The IBM POWER8 server range delivers outstanding performance with superb energy saving technology making it ideal for any business. Hamilton Rentals customers hire IBM System POWER servers to:

  • Evaluate the latest hardware and to try before they buy
  • Rent to own and spread the cost of their server purchase
  • Develop or test new software and avoid compromising live server environments
  • Consolidate or migrate internal servers without any system down time
  • Provide proof of concept
  • Defer payment until the IT budget is available for outright purchase
  • Overcome and manage workload peaks, providing addition processing power when and where you need it
  • Provide a solution to long delivery lead-times
  • Access older or end of life equipment
  • Take advantage of the discounted server and storage evaluation program for IBM and their business partners

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