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Oracles Sun M9000 Server Parts and Accessories for
Available for Sale

Hamilton Rentals have stock of a range of parts and accessories for Oracle's Sun M9000 server. These items can be be delivered immediately and are sold at a fraction of their original list price.

Items available include:


Sun SPARC Enterprise Server M9000/32 1-frame base cabinet with 1 * Passive Backplane, 8 * XB boards, 2 * Service Processors, Max. PSU (15), Max. FAN (16), 1 * DVD, 1-phase (200-240V) AC power, for use with up to 32 processors on up to 8 system boards Sun M9000 server parts


Sun SPARC Enterprise Server Dual Power Feed, 1-phase AC power, for use with SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers, RoHS-5.


Sun SPARC Enterprise PCI-E IO unit with 8 * PCI-E slots and 4 * disk bays for up to 4 * 2.5" Serial SCSI HDD, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-5.


Sun 146GB 10K RPM 2.5" SAS disk drive, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-6.


Sun SPARC Enterprise Server BASE I/O Card with 2*Gb Ethernet ports plus support for HDD, DVD and DAT, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-5.


Sun StorageTek PCI-E Enterprise 4Gb FC host bus adapter, Dual channel includes standard and low profile brackets, low profile form factor. RoHS 6 compliant


Sun x8 PCI express Quad Gigabit Ethernet UTP low profile adapter, LP bracket on board, Std bracket included, RoHS-6 compliant.


Power Cord for SPARC Enterprise Server M8000 and M9000 1-phase BASE and Expansion Cabinet, INTL Version (IEC 309, 32A, 250V plug) RoHS compliant.

(Installation and additional support packages available)

Every ex-rental item sold by Hamilton Rentals is fully tested by an accredited engineer to ensure reliability and sold with a guarantee.IT webshop

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