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Alis Fever Detection system

The Alis Fever Detection System allows staff and visitors entering a location to be temperature scanned without causing bottlenecks.

The Alis system detects a human face and will scan and measure the body temperature. The contactless technology works from a 1m distance allowing for safe operation and minimises person to person interaction.


Accurate to ±0.3 ℃, the system produces clear and concise results using a green light for a ‘normal range’ temperature, when a temperature outside of normal is detected, the user will be alerted with an audible signal and red warning light and an email containing the visitor image is sent to a pre-defined email address.


Per item / per week exl VAT

Alis Fever Detection system


Reason to rent

Hamilton Rentals continually invest in its fleet, which ensures customers have access to the very latest solutions to provide an enhanced and safer return to normal working locations.

The Alis Fever Scanning Solution includes:

  • Consultation: Initial planning and design
  • Latest technology: From IT & AV hardware to applications, training and implementation
  • Maintenance: Temperature updates can be carried out by an on site administrator
  • Full management: Using our managed service allows enhanced support, replacement hardware, software updates and recovery during unplanned outages

Tech spec

  • Thermal and RGBcontactless camera
  • Scan up to 350 people per hour
  • Live preview
  • Accurate to +-0.3 °C
  • Wi-Fi
  • Scalable & customisable solution
  • Email notification
  • Temperature updates can be carried out by an administrator