RFID For Events and RFID Wristbands

RFID or 'Radio Frequency Identity Devices' are growing in popularity and are widely used to provide access control and enhance many festivals, concerts, theme parks and holiday camps. Many of our customer use our RFID wristbands for events and as an alternative to traditional tickets.

RFID wristbands and ID badges allow you to connect people to your events. When the chip is scanned the unique number is read and identifies the person wearing the wristband. Radio Frequency Identification has a whole host of benefits:

    RFID wristbands for events
  • A better alternative to tickets - Personalised RFID wristbands cannot be copied, this helps eliminate fakes and reduce fraud. The chip in the band can be quickly scanned enabling fast entry and reduced queues.
  • Access control - Know exactly how many people visited, control access and visitor numbers. Ensure you are not over capacity and easily prove accountability to meet safety standards and legislation.
  • Social media integration - Link the unique identity number to social media accounts to personalise the experience and to help build awareness before, during and post event.
  • Cashless events - Link the RFID to a credit card or pre-pay system to allow for cashless events. This reduces theft, till errors and transaction times. As well as removing the need for Age ID and reducing under age drinking
  • Analytics - Each scan and transaction is attributed to an individual allowing you to gather a whole host of valuable metrics. Assess footfall, spend, time stamps, demographics, behaviours and interests. Use these metrics to help assess success and improve future events.
  • Enhanced welfare - Use the wristband to identify allergy sufferers, individuals with medical conditions and assist responders.
  • The bottom line - RFID saves staff time, reduces theft and fraud and can increase turnover.

RFIDs can operate outside wireless or mobile coverage making them ideal for outdoor events.

What do I need?

Working with our preferred partners Wristmarketing and Global Barcode we can provide a full suite of IT hardware and software based on RFID technology, this is available to rent or purchase. Products and services include:

    RFID for events
  • Initial consultancy - To discover your exact requirements.
  • RFID desktop printers - Able to print personalised and branded wristbands in a matter of seconds.
  • Scanning devices - Whether its commercial PDAs, EPOS systems, smartphones or tablet PCs we will provide robust, reliable devices which are fully supported and will work seamlessly together.
  • PCs, laptops or servers with internet access - To host the easy to use interface and manage the live data and transactions collected by the scanners and EPOS systems.
  • Wi-Fi networks - To enable cashless transactions and provide access to the online RFID interface
  • Software - Bespoke software with an interface that can manage every aspect from ticketing, registration, access control, cashless, VIP permissions, table and bar EPOS services.
  • Support - We can provide telephone support as well as engineers onsite to ensure your RFID runs smoothly.
  • Training - We can train bar and security staff pre-event on how best to use your RFID solution.
  • Analytics - Every detail captured ,scanner user, time of scan, name of customer, place of scan, purchases etc.. can be presented in a dash-board type interface for real-time monitoring and management of the crowds. This can also be presented post-event for analysis, de-briefs, planning for next year, relayed to blue light responders or for capacity audits.

We have provided RFID and barcode solutions to some of the UK's largest events, venues, festivals and holiday parks. We pride ourselves on our approach as we are service orientated where we spend time listening to clients needs and fashioning a tailored solution aligned with those needs.

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We are proud to partner Wristmarketing and Global Barcode for our RFID solutions

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