OneSource procurement gives Channel Partners access to the full range of IBM software, consulting and support services without going through the accreditation process.

Using Hamilton Rentals and our OneSource offering means business partners are not restricted in the IBM services and solutions they are able to offer to their customers.

What is OneSource procurement?


OneSource allows Hamilton Rentals to work as a mini distributor, selling services on our Channel Partners behalf. We transact the sale and can take advantage of deep discounts not available without the required IBM certifications and accreditations, allowing our Channel Partners access to the full IBM portfolio and to benefit from the best possible pricing.

Benefits of using Hamilton Rentals and OneSource:

  • Costly IBM accreditations and technical certifications are not required
  • Pre-agreed sale pricing using the best possible discounts
  • Channel partners can upsell opportunities to maximise sales
  • Increase revenue streams and expand in to new market segments
  • Easy to use - the Hamilton Rentals team will look after the full admin process
  • Channel partners retain the customer relationship and increase the offering available

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