IT Rental for Major Events

The importance of IT and audio visual (AV) in delivering a successful event should not be underestimated. It helps an event to stand apart from others in the minds of the people who matter: your customers.

A large annual, or one-off major event is an extremely effective way of marketing your business. IT and AV brings your event alive so that your audience is able to connect with your brand, creating memorable experiences long after they have left the event.

We have a seasoned team of project managers to provide advice or consultancy, helping you to plan and coordinate your event.  Our AV engineers can be a vital resource, from installation of your audio visual hire – and any of your existing equipment – to testing equipment onsite, to providing a daily switch-on service. With our support, we’ll ensure your event technology is reliable and fully supported until de-rig is required.

Additional last minute AV requirements are a factor in many events. Should you require extra equipment, we have a vast stock of LFD HD and 4K displays, digital signage, TVs, video walls, speakers, mixers, microphones and projectors waiting to ship. We also supply additional backup equipment which can be stored on-site if required.

The size and scope of our fleet and our experienced event managers and engineering team has enabled us to supply to:

  • Government Elections - We installed over 500 PCs with LED screens, scanners and servers at 30 separate polling locations allowing for digital voting.
  • Major Golfing Tournaments - Our client hired over 500 LED screens and TVs, ranging from 22” to 85” units, along with 200 laptops, enabling the customer to show live coverage, results and playback across the golf course. They also hired our bespoke OMS event management software.
  • Party Conferences - We configured and installed and supported a 160 PC network for the conference attendees and press office.
  • Major Horse Racing Days - The client rented over 100 of the latest LED screens, enabling visitors to see live racing, results and playback.
  • International IT Vendor Exhibitions - We installed and supported over 350 laptops and over 200 LED screens on an annual basis at different international locations.

Major national events and seasonal peaks can temporarily disrupt business or create revenue opportunities. In the past our clients have used IT and AV hire to overcome these challenges as well as capitalise on the retail demand major events can create.

We have helped our customers in the past to:

  • Avoid travel chaos - created by the Olympics by providing rental of laptops, PCs & printers to enable staff to work from home and to set up a temporary offices.
  • Increase revenue - providing outdoor LFD screens to pubs and restaurants for the World cup, allowing customers to celebrate and increasing foot fall and repeat business for the venue. (see our case study)
  • Avoid absenteeism - in the past we have provided rental of the latest LED/LCD screens & TVs during the World Cup and the European Championships and Rugby World Cup for staff use in the office.
  • Increase capacity - with server rental to help retailers cope with an influx of online business created by Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Providing extra processing power and storage when a where its needed.
  • Increase footfall during seasonal peaks - with retailers using AV rental to create digital window displays to capture attention. (see our case study)

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