IT & AV Rental for Film and TV Solutions

IT and AV rental is the perfect solution for a short-term project, where flexibility is key. Create a modern and visually pleasing scene without expensive financial outlay

Selecting the right props for Set Decorators for television and film scenes helps to tell the story, just as much as the characters and locations do.  While many people think of props as something in the background, they can often take centre stage.  Our IT and AV equipment help to fill in the characters’ back story and add visual effects to film and television sets, creating a visually pleasing scene without expensive financial outlay.

Our solution allows you to pay for use only, giving you total flexibility over the contract length.  Whether you are looking to visualise a fully functioning office, command room or call centre of any size, show technology in a home environment, a fully stocked server room with lights and cabling or video walls, interactive consoles for game or chat show environments, we can help.

Why hire for film production

  • Pay for use not ownership - When equipment is needed for a short period of time, renting makes sense and keeps your budget from spiralling out of control, without having to compromise on the look or performance.
  • Full flexibility - Use the hardware for the period you need, if the project parameters change or production overruns simply extend the hire or arrange early return with no financial penalty.
  • Free up your internal resources - Whether you are looking for a fully functioning set-up, or as props only, our team of engineers are on hand to set up as per your instructions, allowing your internal resources to concentrate on other key tasks.
  • Availability - We have a large pool of IT & AV equipment available from our Berkshire warehouse, meaning fast turnaround on orders, with delivery available on set the following day.
  • Choice of hardware - Regular investment in the hardware fleet allows the pool of equipment to be refreshed regularly, meaning a wide selection of newer models and older generation hardware is available.

In the past we have supplied IT and AV rental for film sets, studios, prop houses, production, editing, screening, film premieres and road shows.


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