Device as a Service

How can a business plan for the unexpected? traditional disaster recovery and business continuity plans are often inadequate, impractical, costly and lack the flexibility to adapt rapidly to the changing business environment and needs.

Working with our Parent Company Bell Integration, we are able to offer a fully flexible complete end to end solution tailored to the exact requirements. The DaaS offering is an idea solution to allow organisations to operate ‘business as usual’.

The hybrid Device as a Service solution allows provision of end user hardware, in addition to secure VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions across both the data centre and cloud. This allows for fast, flexible and secure scalability.

Cloud Model

The cloud-based remote working solution is a pre-configured and secure capability accessed via the cloud with the functionality to configure corporate services and file data. This flexible model easily allows the increase or decrease of supporting infrastructure based on business demands.

On-premise Model

The on-premise remote working solution is a pre-configured Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution that is racked and set up within the customer data centre.

Both solutions provide a secure Windows 10 virtual desktop image across all user devices: corporate, personal or rented.

We can provide:

  • Hardware & Devices – Delivery & configuration, hardware breakfix and hardware support
  • On-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Platform build and configuration, platform and hypervisor monitoring management, patching and backup
  • Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Landing zone and VDI solution build and configuration, platform monitoring, management, support, patching and backup
  • Cloud Desktops
  • Windows O/S – Deployment, 1st line support and monthly patching
  • Managed Services – Support services underpinned by Bell’s AI Digital Workforce providing scalable L0 to L3 support



Device as a Service

The DaaS offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and working with Hamilton Rentals allows:

  • Scalability - Scale up or down quickly and efficiently, from 5 to 500 user devices
  • Hardware Access - Desktop, laptop or tablet options for all or individual users
  • Cost Effective - Zero capital expenditure and zero cost of ownership
  • Security - Simple and effective security of user devices and data
  • Integration & Communication - Enable communication with colleagues and customers and seamlessly integrate with both front and back office systems
  • Optimisation - Guidance on how to best optimise the remote workforce, set up customer engagements and identify new business opportunities & models to save costs
  • Support - For the duration of the flexible contract, our accredited engineers will provide support

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