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The Lenovo Loan Pool Initiative is designed to enable Lenovo & the Business Partner Community to rapidly deliver no cost, short-term loans providing leading edge Lenovo technology to end-users for evaluation and proof of concept.

Why use the Loan Program?

The intent of this program is to provide Evaluation and Proof of concept systems to support customer opportunities and demand generating activities.

Features of the program include:

  • Free of charge loan periods with Lenovo approval
  • Quick & easy process
  • Fast access to equipment
  • Pre-sales support
  • Pre-configured systems, delivery/installation and collection arranged by Hamilton Rentals

The loan program benefits the end user by reducing perceived purchase risk and offering peace of mind. This helps the Channel partner to add value and secure sales opportunities.

Process and Criteria for Loans

Business Partners have access to the loan programs through the brand sales specialist responsible for the end user customer or your Lenovo account manager.

In all cases Lenovo loans need to be approved by Lenovo. Hamilton Rentals can help identify the correct approval.

Criteria for qualifying includes new business wins, new business areas in existing accounts, high value product/solution deals, multi-unit opportunities, business development, competitive wins, ISV/CSI/MSP development.

Lenovo System x Loan Pool

The System x Loan pool is designed to give Lenovo and the Channel a Zero Cost, short term loan/rental of the latest System x Servers & Storage solutions allowing customers to easily evaluate the latest Lenovo technology.

Features of the program include:

  • Free short term loan of the latest System x Servers & Storage (subject to Lenovo approval)
  • Extensive product offering of the latest models
  • Equipment supported by Hamilton Rentals during loan period
  • Dedicated Lenovo sales & Technical support
  • Flexible end of rental options include return with no penalty or extension

Rent IT for smarter POC with Lenovo, SAP Hana and Hamilton Rentals

Leverage the power of SAP HANA on Lenovo x6 servers through Hamilton Rentals for simple, seamless and scalable IT. Reduce barriers to purchase by allowing your customers to run a proof-of-concept (POC) on rented hardware, eliminating the need for capital expenditure. Then once the POC is shown to be successful, enable them to purchase their rented infrastructure for minimal disruption.

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All free loans are subject to pre-approval by Lenovo.

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